Bankai in Koh Phangan

Bankai Beach in Koh Phangan

Bankai is to the east of Bantai. There is a creek that separates Bantai beach from Bankai beach. Bankai is a quiet beach that is only 10 minutes away from Haad Rin and the Full Moon Party. It is conveniently situated just a short walk from the shops and restaurants in Bantai. Although peaceful and quiet during the day, Bankai sometimes turns up the volume at night for young party goers. The latest party is the Blue and Green Sramanora Waterfall Party that occurs in the jungle next to Dusit Buncha Resort every month (2 days before the Full Moon Party). Interestingly enough, it is a tech-house and minimal event as opposed to the usual Phangan trance sound.

The beach at Bankai is long and the bungalow operations are nicely spread apart so you can enjoy a bit of privacy sunbathing. The sand is not as fine as the sand found in Thong Nai Pan and Bottle Beach but the sea floor is smooth underfoot and only slowly gets deeper. Bankai is good for year round swimming.

Phangan Orchid Resort has a swimming pool next to the beach. Chantaramas is the best resort in Bankai. It is a stylish new resort that has a communal pool as well as private pool villas.

There's a good selection of accommodation at Bantai. Click on the links below to find the best prices for accommodation in Bankai. All prices are inclusive of tax.

(Updated February 2016)

Jamaica Inn 2500 thb - 820 thb (low season); 900 thb - 2,000 thb (high season)

Beer Bungalow 940 thb - 1,410 thb (low season); 1,180 thb - 1,650 thb (high season)

Phangan Orchid Resort 1,500 thb (low season); 2,900 thb (high season)

Chantaramas Resort and Spa 4,500 thb - 9,500 thb (low season); 7,900 thb - 10,900 thb (high season)