Bantai in Koh Phangan

Ban Tai Beach


Ban Tai is the second most popular beach on Koh Phangan after Haad Rin. Like Haad Rin, Bantai has the winning combination of a great beach and a lively nightlife. As a result there are plenty of resorts to choose from if you decide to stay on Bantai beach. Accommodation starts at basic wooden bungalows on the beach that costs as little as 500 Thai Baht a night. At the top end of the spectrum are air-con villas and private villas for rent.. Over the last couple of years various backpacker style hostels have emerged that offer bunk beds in shared air-con rooms for as little as 450 thb such as A1 Koh Phangan Hostel and Asia Blue Beach Hostel Hacienda.

Bantai beach stretches along the south of Koh Phangan from Thongsala to the smaller beach of Bankai. The border between Bantai and Bankai is a small river that breaks up the beach. After Bankai there is a rocky outcrop and big hill; on the other side of which is the Haad Rin Peninsula.

The beach at Bantai consists of fine white sand that slopes gently into the sea. Swimming is best during the high tidal months from November to April. Parts of the beach are lined with jungle. Although Bantai is very much at the center of things it is easy to feel like you are miles from anywhere.


Bantai is a convenient place to stay as it is on the main road between the two most built up parts of the island. It is easy to get a taxi to either Thongsala or Haad Rin. It takes just a few minutes to get to either place. There is also a small village that includes bars, restaurants, internet places, travel agents and a very handy 7-11. Bantai is also where the only 'red light' area on the island is found. It consists of a few girlie bars (AKA beer bars) on the road to Thongsala.

For many the big draw of Bantai is the lively party scene. Bantai hosts the Half Moon Party, the Jungle Experience and the Shiva Moon Party. These parties are set in the jungle near Bantai. The Black Moon Culture Party is held in the jungle behind Milky Bay Resort two weeks before the Full Moon Party. Also on Bantai beach is the Ban Sabai bar that holds an after-party following the all- night events in the area.

The entertainment doesn't stop there. The Sound Bar in Bantai has live music every Friday and Sunday. There is also live music at Outdoor Salon. The floating bar called Loy Lai Floating Bar has regular house music parties.

Bantai is a good choice for a holiday if you like to be near the action and near plenty of amenities and facilities. For more information check out Bantai Guide

Click on the links below to find the best prices for Ban Tai accommodation. All prices are inclusive of tax.

(Updated February 2021)

Starting under 1,000 Thai Baht

Phangan Riversand Baantai 500 thb (low season); 950 thb - 1,300 thb (high season)

My Palace 350 thb - 800 thb (low season); 500 thb - 1,200 thb (high season)

A1 Koh Phangan Guesthouse and Hostel 200 thb - 700 thb (low season); 1,900 thb - 3,000 thb (high season). Pet friendly.

Asia Blue Beach Hostel Hacienda 500 thb - 1,800 thb (low season); 700 thb - 2,100 thb (high season) - RECOMMENDED

Phatcharee Resort 500 thb - 1,800 thb (low season); 700 thb - 2,100 thb (high season)

Coco Garden Bungalows 450 thb - 1,000 thb (low season); 550 thb - 1,250 (high season)

My Phangan Resort 450 thb - 1,200 thb (low season); 600 thb -1,600 thb (high season)

Phangan Beach Resort 490 thb - 1,800 thb (low season); 700 thb - 3,000 thb (high season) - RECOMMENDED

Namthip Home Beach 600 thb - 1,200 thb (low season); 1,500 thb - 3,000 thb (high season). Pet friendly.

Palida Fishing Garden Resort 200 thb - 1,000 thb (low season); 350 thb - 2,400 thb (high season)

Lime n Soda Beachfront Resort 800 thb - 2,000 thb (low season); 1,500 thb - 2,700 thb (high season) - RECOMMENDED

Jungle Bar and Bungalow 600 thb - 1,000 thb (low season); 1,100 thb - 1,400 thb (high season)

First Villa Beach Resort 790 thb - 1,390 thb (low season); 2,500 thb - 3,800 thb (high season)

Rungarun Resort 800 thb - 3,500 thb (low season); 1,200 thb - 5,000 thb (high season)

Oceanus Resort 970 thb - 1,350 thb (low season); 1,080 thb - 1,450 thb (high season)

Phangan Island View 830 thb - 1,270 thb (low season); 2,340 thb - 2,830 thb (high season) - RECOMMENDED

1,000 - 1,500 Thai Baht

Phangan Cottage 1,000 thb - 4,000 thb (low season); 1,600 thb - 5,300 thb (high season)

Milky Bay Resort 1,200 thb - 4,550 thb (low season); 1,600 thb - 6,880 thb (high season) - RECOMMENDED / breakfast included

Dew Shore Resort 1,080 thb - 2,000 thb (low season); 1,200 thb - 2,000 thb (high season) - RECOMMENDED

B52 Beach Resort 1,200 thb - 3,600 thb (low season); 2,000 thb - 6,000 thb (high season) - RECOMMENDED / breakfast included

Da Kinda Villa Beach Resort 1,500 thb - 4,000 thb (low season); 2,200 thb - 6,000 thb (high season) - RECOMMENDED

Pimolsuph House 1,500 thb - 2,500 thb (low season); 1,800 thb - 3,000 thb (high season) 1 and 3 bedroom villas

Morning Star Resort 1,190 thb - 2,490 thb (low season); 2,090 thb - 3,810 thb (high season) - breakfast included

Starting over 1,500 Thai Baht

Sabaii Bay Resort 2,000 thb - 3,990 thb (low season); 2,000 thb - 7,900 thb (high season) - breakfast included

Sunshine Residence 5,000 thb - 6,000 thb (low season); 9,000 thb - 10,000 thb (high season)

Awe Resort (private Villa for 4 people) 3,000 thb - 9,000 thb (low / high season) - see Villa Rentals page