Plaay Laem Beach in Koh Phangan

Plaay Laem Beach in Koh Phangan

Plaay Laem beach is in the south west of Koh Phangan. It is a white sand beach at the base of Khao Hin Nok mountain. From the mountain there are great panoramic views of Ang Thong National Park. Huge boulders are scattered around Plaay Laem beach and in the sea. Kayaking around the boulders is a popular activity. Also there is a coral reef 80 meters out to sea perfect for snorkelling or scuba diving. Prior to the coral reef the sea shelf drops gradually so swimming is best at high tide or during the months between November and April.

There is a small bungalow resort on Plaay Laem beach called Cookies Bungalows. They have basic fan bungalows (not available for online booking). What is noteworthy about Cookies Bungalows is that it organises sailing and windsurfing from Plaay Laem Beach. They are only small boats but, nevertheless, for sailing enthusiasts this makes Plaay Laem the place to go.

The best places to stay in Plaay Laem are Sabai Beach Resort and the new Kupu Kupu Beach Resort and Spa. Sabai Beach Resort has clay cottages and wooden bungalows with sea views and air-con, hot water, TV and fridge. There's also an attached restaurant. Kupu is a stylish resort with seaview rooms, communal pool, restaurant and spa.

On the main road, perched on a giant boulder is the Amsterdam Bar. It has impressive views over the bay and is a great place to watch the sunset. Next to Amsterdam Bar is Stone Hill Resort which has a few bungalows for rent, including family bungalows that sleep up to 4 people. Amsterdam Bar has a party two nights before the full moon.

Plaay Laem beach has a charming remote feeling. It is accessed by road from Thongsala. The last part is a footpath down to the beach. The alternative is to hire a longtail boat from Thongsala to get you to Plaay Laem beach. For more information check out Plaay Laem Guide.

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(Updated February 2021)

Sea Sunset Resort 550 thb - 3,000 thb (low / high season)

Sea Scene Resort 1,100 thb - 2,000 thb (low season); 1,500 thb - 3,000 thb (high season)

Sabai Beach Resort 1,100 thb - 1,900 thb (low season); 1,800 thb - 2,900 thb (high season)

Stone Hill Resort 1,000 thb - 2,000 thb (low season); 1,500 thb - 2,600 thb (high season)

Kupu Kupu Beach Villas and Spa 4,680 thb - 11,200 thb (low season); 11,955 thb - 24,000 thb (high season) - breakfast included & RECOMMENDED