Seekangtang beach in Koh Phangan

Seekantang Beach in Koh Phangan

Seekantang beach is also called Haad Leela beach and Sarikantang beach. It is up a rough track ten minutes from the centre of Haad Rin by foot. The beach is on the headland separating Haad Rin Nok from Haad Rin Nai. It is a long thin sandy beach with lots of rocks. There are also a few mangrove trees scattered along the beach. It is one of the few places on Koh Phangan where you can see mangroves that provide natural habitat for many creatures.

Seekantang beach provides the best of both worlds - a peaceful beach with the best nightlife on the island just a few minutes walk away. This is without doubt the best beach if you want to go to the Full Moon Party but also want to have an uninterrupted night's (or day's) sleep. It is necessary to book in advance during a full moon period as Seekantang accommodation quickly fills up.

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(Updated February 2021)

Sarikantang Resort and Spa 1,500 thb - 3,700 thb (low season); 2,800 thb - 5,900 thb (high season) - RECOMMENDED / breakfast included

Cocohut Village Beach Resort and Spa 1,880 thb - 6,000 thb (low season); 2,820 thb - 11,290 thb (high season) - RECOMMENDED / breakfast incl