Than Sadet in Koh Phangan

Than Sadet Beach in Koh Phangan

Than Sadet actually means 'Royal Stream' in honour of King Rama V who visited the area in Koh Phangan over 10 times. The name of the beach is referred to as both Than Sadet as well as Haad Sadet.

The beach of Than Sadet is located on the east coast of Koh Phangan. It is only accessible by a rough track or by the Thong Nai Pan Express boat. Recently, the road from Than Sadet to Thong Nai Pan has been concreted. Work also been started to improve the road to Haad Sadet.

Than Sadet is a gorgeous small beach tucked away from the world. Nearby is Than Sadet Waterfall and National Park, famously a favourite spot of King Rama V of Thailand. The King carved his initials in a rock next to the waterfall. King Rama VII and the present King (Rama IX) have also done the same. As a consequence, Than Sadet waterfall is almost a place of pilgrimage for Thai people.

The national park is a great place for trekking and discovering the flora and fauna of Koh Phangan. There are a number of treks to attempt including one to Thong Nai Pan Yai and to a view point. Remember to bring sunblock and plenty of water if you attempt a long trek.

Than Sadet has a bohemian feel to it. It is a place for those more interested in a beach location than swimming pools and maid service. Just a short walk south of Than Sadet is another small beach called Haad Thong Reng which is virtually deserted.

For those looking to have a real life Robinson Crusoe experience Than Sadet might be just the beach for you.

The Than Sadet accommdation situation has changed recently. There is now a luxury villa with private pool for rent - White Azure Villa. There is also a new budget place available for online booking called Plaa's Than Sadet Resort.

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(Updated February 2021)

Mai Pen Rai Bungalows 500 thb - 1,000 thb (low / high season)

Plaa's Than Sadet Resort

White Azure Villa