Thongsala in Koh Phangan

Thongsala in Koh Phangan

Thongsala (or Thong Sala, as it is also written) is the main town of Koh Phangan. This is where you are mostly likely to arrive on the island or leave the island. The Songserm, Lomprayah, Seatran and Raja Car Ferry services all run from the piers in Thongsala. Ferries travel to Suratthan City, Donsak and Chumphon on the mainland as well as the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Tao.

For a list of boat timetables click here. Pick-up truck taxis meet the boats and take visitors to their desired destinations. It costs 300 thb to get to Thong Nai Pan and 250 thb to get a shared taxi to Haad Rin. The prices are fixed but only if the transport is full. Otherwise, it is necessary to negotiate a price for a private taxi. The most expensive private taxi is probably 1,000 thb from Thongsala to Thong Nai Pan.

The great thing about Thongsala is that it has the best amenities and shopping on the island, and yet it remains a very sleepy, laid back town. The best stocked shop in Thongsala is the Tesco Lotus where you can find a great selection of food, drink and other products at cheap prices. There are also other supermarkets in Thongsala as well as a branch of KFC.

In the evening there is a popular night market which sells cheap plates of food. Thongsala has several supermarkets, bookshops, internet cafes, ATMs, motorbike and jeep hire places, restaurants and bars. There's also a post office, a private health clinic and a government hospital (a few kms outside of Thongsala in Wok Tum).

Parallel to the main road in Thongsala is 'walking street' where you can still see the remains of a small China town. It is a great street for shopping and finding cheap eats.

Just outside of Thongsala is the oldest temple on the island - Wat Phu Khao Noi. It was the first permanently inhabited place on the island and has some interesting chedis.

Many visitors prefer to stay in one of the many reasonably priced places in Thongsala because it is centrally located. It is only a short motorbike ride to the beaches of Bantai and Bankai in the south and Srithanu and Hin Kong in the west. And Haad Rin is only 20 minutes away by bike.

Please explore the accommodation options in Thongsala by clicking the links below.

(Updated February 2021)

Starting under 1,000 Thai Baht

Bigboss Hostel 250 thb - 460 thb (low / high season)

Sucasa Dorm 150 thb - 200 thb (low / high season); 539 thb - 599 thb (high season)

Moon Travel Backpacker 300 thb - 850 thb

Buakao Inn 695 thb - 2,000 thb (low / high season)

J Seaview Resort 600 thb - 900 thb (low season); 750 thb - 1,200 thb (high season)

Baan Suan Tongma 675 thb - 2,800 thb (low season); 1,500 thb - 3,200 thb (high season)

Baan Phatchara Guesthouse 690 thb - 2,500 thb (low season); 1,000 thb - 3,000 thb (high season)

Golden Hill Resort 800 thb - 1,200 thb (low / high season)

Baan Busaba Hotel 950 thb -1,500 thb (low / high season) - breakfast included

Starting over 1,000 Thai Baht

Dewshore Resort 1,000 thb - 4,000 thb (low season); 2,500 thb - 7,500 thb (high season)

Pha Ngang Chai Hotel 1,000 thb - 2,000 thb (low season); 1,500 thb - 3,000 thb (high season) - Breakfast included

Grand Sea Beach Resort 1,000 thb - 7,000 thb (low season); 1,00 thb - 10,230 thb (high season) - Breakfast included

The 1 Boutique Hotel 1,090 thb - 1,290 thb (low season); 3,200 thb - 3,500 thb (high season) - RECOMMENDED